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GT600 Gran Tourer

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A crossover of motorsport inspiration and IEM design

The GT600 Grand Tourer is the newest flagship IEM and the fifth IEM model release since Jomo Audio’s re-brand with motorsport inspiration concept in 2021. Jomo Audio innovatively blended new materials, manufacturing techniques and design ideas into the solid in-house IEM electro-acoustic design. Delivering a unique, robust high-end IEM for zealots audiophiles.



Superior Tri-brid Electro-Acoustic Design Structure

The GT600 Gran Tourer is packed with a powerful 12 drivers electro-acoustic design structure under its hood. Three types of drivers are masterfully blended together to reproduce music in harmony. Jomo Audio aimed to provide audiophiles a powerful and energetic listening experience with vivid vocal and instruments. A lot of air in the high provides a great sense of space.


Sporting 4 Electrostatic drivers from Sonion with 6 balanced armature drivers from Knowles and Sonion connected to the special 10mm co-axial dual-diaphragm dynamic driver through a 6 ways passive crossover circuit. The Super Carbon Nanotube Diaphram in the dynamic driver moved by more than 1 Tesla in the magnetic field, given an ultra-low distortion and yet powerful bass production.

With all its technical marvels, the GT600 provides a very resolving and ear-catching sound signature for the audiophile.


Forged Carbon Shell


The idea of Forged Carbon fiber was invented by Dr. Paolo Feraboli in 2008 for aviation giant Boeing and supercar manufacture Lamborghini. Since its creation, it has shown unparalleled advantages over the traditionally woven carbon fiber laying in creating parts with complex contour and geometry. The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento was a tribute to Dr. Feraboli’s invention. The entire monocoque chassis, suspension arms, and tons of other bits and pieces were all made from Forged Carbon.

The Forged Carbon is a term used to describe short or ‘chopped’ strands of carbon fiber that are compression molded in a multi-part mold to create strong solid geometries that would not be practical using conventional composite processes. Thousands of strands of carbon fiber were randomly placed into a mold and “forged” under pressure with a composite resulting in the IEM shell with no distinct pattern as the fibers are oriented entirely randomly, so each finished Forged Carbon shell will be unique to itself.

forged carbon

Jomo Audio deeply studied the forged carbon part manufacturing technics with motorsport industry partners and developed its own mold and in-house manufacturing process. The UIEM shell shape was created based on the overlay of thousands of earmold impression digital scan archives that Jomo Audio collected in the past 7 years creating a very comfortable and ergonomic shell shape. Each piece of shell required 3 pieces of high-precision mold to create. Used chopped carbon fiber from Japanese composite manufacturer TORAY東レ株式会社and compressed under 10kg/cm^2 force in a heated environment. The whole process takes about 10 hours to create an unbreakable forged carbon shell.


The Adrenalin

The first premium upgrade cable designed in-house, the Jomo Adrenalin. Serving as the perfect pairing with the GT600, the Adrenalin is a robust cable upgrade option for any other IEMs. Sporting 8 strands of 26 AWG silver plated copper wire, with high precision CNCed solid metal cable parts. Hand-picked the UP-OCC litz wire from the famous cable wire manufacturer Neotech, it provides a well-balanced power and speed without altering the sound signature of the IEM too much. The Adrenalin is one piece of elegant cable

To order the Arenalin individually, order here: The Arenalin



GT600 Gran Tourer

- Unibody Forged Carbon Fiber Chassis (UIEM Only)
- 4 Sonion Electrostatics (Super High)
- 6 Sonion/Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers
(2 Low-Mids, 2 Mid-Highs, 2 Highs)
- 2 Tesla Dynamic Driver with electronic tuned phase adjustment
- 10mm Co-Axial Dual Diaphragm (CADD)
- Super Carbon Nanotube (SCNT) Diaphragm
- 6 ways passive crossover
- 4 sound bores
- Frequency Range: 10Hz ~ 80kHz


- Ultra-purity Silver plated UP-OCC Litz Copper wire
- Eco-friendly PVC insulation jacket
- 26 AWG 
- 8 wires
- Gold plated standard 0.78mm 2pins. flat head
- Rhodium-plated OFC Copper 4.4mm balanced termination
- 1.25 meter

GT600 Gran Tourer

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