Zoom 308 Spyder
Zoom 308 Spyder

308 Spyder

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With the 308 Spyder, Jomo Audio (JM) brings music performances right to you. Created with a specific purpose of engagement and musicality enjoyment, the 308 Spyder focuses on extreme levels of immersion, allowing the auditory senses to transcend right into the middle of the musical performance through capturing and perfect portrayal of vibrancy, airiness, and musical vibes.308 Spyder presents itself as an incredibly fun and accurate audiophile monitor, when fed with an array of challenging audiophile tracks, it’s able to stay musical and dynamic, effortlessly displaying every inch of the details with zest and gusto.308 Spyder features a brand new JM (Audiophile) crossover system which accentuates airiness overtones, spatial imaging as well and a clean natural sound. Highs and lows extensions are boosted through the JM(Audiophile) crossover system allowing a huge sense of space and keeping users highly engaged through the immersive nature of this implementation. 308 Spyder excels in delivering the emotional aspect of music.308 Spyder UIEM comes with a forged carbon fiber faceplate infused with emerald green gold foils together with a transparent green color solid resin shell chassis, topped with an iconic metallic JM logo. 


  • 8 New Generation Balanced Armatures
  • 2 low, 2 mids, 4 high
  • 3 ways Tripartite crossovers
  • 3 Bores
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 40KHz
  • Impedance: 15 Ohms


308 Spyder

$1,079.00 Regular price $1,349.00


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